“Our Silent Summer” is an ongoing project I began working on in the Summer of 2020, photographing my housemates in our small Bristol flat. It began organically as I photograph my surroundings often, my subjects became accustomed to me photographing them which allowed me to capture them candidly, showcasing a variety of emotions and experiences in a slow & poetic way.

I have been creating this body of work intuitively, photographing whenever I caught someone in a particularly beautiful patch of light or whenever a certain feeling overcame me.

For me, this project explores youth & the human condition, giving my images a timeless quality, I have captured beautiful glimpses of the mundane everyday. Through these images, I have begun to see the relationship dynamics that develop when people co-exist in a small space without much physical contact with the outside world.

I am a UK based Photographer, Videographer  & Creative Director who grew up in Spain & India.
As an artist I enjoy keeping my photographic practice open and experimental, without forcing myself into a singular niche. My work explores themes of gender, surrealism and the human condition whilst drawing inspiration from art, nature & the people around me. 
If you are interested in hiring me to shoot for your brand or event, feel free to contact me.

Published in: 
Pupilsphere Spotlight Artist 2021
- Photograd Online Gallery
- UWE Bristol Showcase, 2021
- Solid Air, UWE 2021 Graduation Book

- Confine & Escape, November 2021, Bricks Bristol
- Youth Rising UK 1981-2021, Amberside Gallery, Newcastle
- Well Hot Exhibition, February 2022, Hotwells

Wedding Portfolio upon Request.