I had the pleasure of photographing the Cute Cartel in action at Balter Festival 2021 & 2022.

The Cute Cartel is a safe space and community in which people can discuss their trauma, support others and make friends. At events and festivals, this comes to life in the form of walkabout performances full of games and audience participation that entertains and sparks joy in everyone who encounters it.

I am a UK based Photographer, Videographer  & Creative Director who grew up in Spain & India.
As an artist I enjoy keeping my photographic practice open and experimental, without forcing myself into a singular niche. My work explores themes of gender, surrealism and the human condition whilst drawing inspiration from art, nature & the people around me. 
If you are interested in hiring me to shoot for your brand or event, feel free to contact me.

Published in: 
Pupilsphere Spotlight Artist 2021
- Photograd Online Gallery
- UWE Bristol Showcase, 2021
- Solid Air, UWE 2021 Graduation Book

- Confine & Escape, November 2021, Bricks Bristol
- Youth Rising UK 1981-2021, Amberside Gallery, Newcastle
- Well Hot Exhibition, February 2022, Hotwells

Wedding Portfolio upon Request.